1 prefix "outside" ARsup2/sup, element meaning "beside" VT42:17, “by” PE17:169; in the same source the glosses “near, by, beside” were rejected. Cf. ara. 2, also ari-, prefix for superlative compare arya \#1, 2, hence arcalima “brightest”, arimelda *”dearest” PE17:56-57. In the grammar described in the source, this prefix was to express superlative as the highest degree in actual comparison, whereas the alternative prefix an- rather expressed “very” or “exceedingly” with a more purely augmentative or adverbial force, but these distinctions do not seem to have been clearly present at all stages of Tolkien’s work. See an- \#2, am- \#2. a prefixed form of the stem Ara- "noble" PM:344. In the masc. names Aracáno "high chieftain", mothername amilessë, q.v. of Fingolfin PM:360, cf. 344, Arafinwë "Finarfin" MR:230

Quettaparma Quenyallo (Quenya-English). 2014.

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